Want To Profit From The Billions of Dollars Your Clients Are Already Spending On Cyber Security?
Here's How To Generate Security Sales...
 Even If You're Not a Security Expert
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Your All-Access Pass Includes On-demand Access to These Sessions Custom-Developed to Grow Your Business:
  • How To Become an MSSP in 6 Weeks Even If You're Not a Security Expert. A quick start framework for launching your MSSP business using a proven marketing, sales and fulfillment process.
  •  From Leads to Sales to Profits in Cybersecurity - Step by step through proven processes you can use to generate security sales leads and convert them into successfully closed deals.
  •  Generating New MRR Offering Turnkey Security and Compliance Services in the Rapidly Growing World of IoT
  •  Legal Musts for Security Service Providers - The essential contracts you need in your MSSP business.
  •  Where the Money Is in Security Today. Our panel of MSSP's discuss where to find ideal opportunities and clients in today's security-as-a-service market.
  •  Don't Buy Security Talent. Build It! How to find, recruit and train security talent in today's competitive security market. 
PLUS BONUS: Security Bootcamp
A 6-Video Online Course by Steve Rutkovitz, MSSP and Security Expert

The Security Opportunity

The need for security is your opportunity. You will learn about the most common security threats affecting the SMB market and how to identify and protect against these threats. We will teach you how to shift your focus to data assets and how to build a culture of security and compliance for your clients.

Compliances & Drivers

You will become familiar with the most common compliances and control frameworks out there, such as HIPAA, PCI, GBLA, FINRA NIST, SANS 20, ISO 27001 and others—not to mention other drivers creating demand for cybersecurity solutions.

Vertical Markets

You will be introduced to over twenty different vertical markets, covering the entire customer scope. Additionally, how to approach and discuss security and compliance with these customers via effective talking points.

Assess: Risk Assessment $$

The assessment phase of this course demonstrates how to uncover the gaps and risks by learning internal and external scanning tools and techniques. You’ll be able to select and build a framework that delivers a Report on Compliance (ROC) outlining the gaps and risks.

Address - Security Project $$

Here we will focus on creating projects with a layered approach which bring your clients up to an acceptable level of risk. We will teach you how to present an actionable plan to mitigate these risks.

Maintain: Accelerate MRR $$

Finally, this is where you learn how to construct bundled solutions that generate monthly recurring revenue (MRR) streams—the result of maintaining clients’ acceptable level of risk by continually monitoring, alerting and protecting them with constant changes.
Plus These Two Bonus Security Marketing Courses:

LinkedIn for MSSP's

This one-hour session provides an overview of how to use LinkedIn to Find, connect, and meet with potential MSSP prospects. 

Identify & Attract Your Ideal Security Clients

Use LinkedIn to Indentify & Find Your Ideal MSSP Clients. What cold email script to use and what to offer prospects to get them to meet with you.
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